web design and computer repair

.As crazy as it sounds to myself, I have now been working on and with computers for close to 40 years. So computer repair is second nature. Web design third.

It has given me a broad experience with both Mac and Windows machines, and to a lesser extent Linux. No need to mention the era before that…

I have also been involved with the ‘interweb’ since the time of bulletin boards. In

web design

, from early pure html coding to wordpress, drupal and other content management systems, yes I was there. No, I’m not the uber geek (like many of the young ones), I’m not a team of programmers, but I can make your site and make it work for you.

And maybe the fact that I was a formal zen monk for 16 years (before meeting my wife) has had some impact on my appreciation of interconnectedness, honesty, care and simplicity. My teacher would call me a “failed monk”. True, and yet it has changed my outlook on life and the way I live my life forever.

Connect with me and let us see if we truly connect. I feel confident you will not regret it. Honesty and real connection are so hard to find in this world. If nothing else, that is what I offer. Yes, I need to make a living. But the how and what and why and how are just as important to me. Are they to you? If your answer is yes, then I believe we will have a great time together. Your business will shine online.

As a zen practitioner, more words just loses what I am all about. Feel the site. Hopefully it speaks to you.